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Greetings from Hobbiton

Why, hullo there.

Alright everyone, you've reached my website. Whether it was from the link in my info (hey, it might not even be there now), or the word has spread across your part of Middle Earth, I suppose you're wondering what madness has brought you here. Well, read my fanfiction, maybe sign the g-book (even if you already have), and "enjoy" yourself.

Legolas Greenleaf the Elf
The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East, a sleepless malice.

me in the baffroom

Gandalf the wizard
There was never much hope, just a fool's hope.

This is what's new in the Shire. (And most likely the talk of the Ivy Bush and the Green Dragon)

ok hmmm.... 08-06-02 - LOTR was finally released on DVD and VHS! AHHHHH! i was so nervous when i was about to watch it. i dunno y, but it felt like it was my 1st time watching it again. it felt so weird. But only my other obsessed peeps would understand that. ;-)

12/18/02- O     M       GOSHUMMSSS!!!! My life was made 2/3 complete on this day. I saw The Two Towers in theaters at approx. 9:30 pm. Felt so0o0 warm and fuzzy inside!!!! AHHHH I can't stand it.

02/09/03- Today I finally beat my record of 8 times in the movies. I saw The Fellowship of the Ring eight times in the theaters last year, and today I saw The Two Towers for the ninth time! (that might not seem too impressive, but with having no license and very little money, and the closest movie theater's 15 min. away, I think I created a milestone in my life!) hehe (also take into account my mom can't drive at night, and my dad's always at work! Then, when the closest theater doesn't have the movie anymore, I have to go to Sommerdale! Where my sister lives)